Who We Are

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Breast Cancer Assistance Group of Monterey County (BCAG) is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization of breast cancer survivors who raise funds and awareness to improve the lives of local breast cancer patients and their families.

What We Do


We provide need-based grants to help breast cancer patients with their basic living expenses.

How We Differ

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Unlike national breast cancer charities, your contributions benefit recipients in our local Monterey County community.

Our Mission

"We want to help other women with this disease as we would want to be helped ourselves."


BCAG is honored to be included in the Monterey County Gives! 2018 fundraising campaign. Monterey County Gives! is a collaboration between the Community Foundation of Monterey, the Monterey County Weekly, and the Monterey Peninsula Foundation.

BCAG provides assistance to roughly a third of the women in Monterey County struggling financially while undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Recipients range in age from 30 to 81 years old and no qualified applicant is denied help. Unlike national charities, contributions to BCAG stay in our community.

The BCAG Board of Directors made a challenge grant in an effort to meet our funding target of $75,000. With your donation we can continue to expand our help to breast cancer patients throughout Monterey County.

(Campaign ends 31 December)


BCAG receives inaugural Sientra FULL CIRCLE™ grant.

"It is our pleasure to announce that Breast Cancer Assistance Group of Monterey County has been chosen as one of Sientra’s FULL CIRCLE™ grant recipients in the amount of $10,000. In its inaugural year, Sientra’s first-in-kind charitable program funds were distributed to a select group of deserving nonprofit organizations such as yours who we felt were the most committed to making a meaningful difference in improving lives of patients with breast cancer. Your application demonstrated one of the most promising visions for the future of furthering breast cancer aid, research, patient outreach and advocacy, and prevention."  Press release

Breast Cancer Facts

1 in 8 local women experience breast cancer
over $114,000 awarded to 74 local women

   As I regain my strength and life returns to a level of normalcy, I want to thank each and every one of you for your consideration and financial support. Your check arrived when things were looking grim and basic expenses had become overwhelming. I will never forget this gift of money and the uniqueness of your organization.
- Ms. G, Carmel