One in eight women in the U.S. (more than 245 per year in Monterey County) will experience the physical and emotional ravages of breast cancer during their lifetime. Many breast cancer patients have inadequate or no medical insurance and find that they are unable to work during treatment.  This has a financially devastating effect on the lives of the patient and her family.

More than $114,000 awarded to 74 local women for food, gas, rent, utilities, and incidentals over the past year!

More than $688,000 awarded since 2001. 

BCAG, an all-volunteer organization of breast cancer survivors, provides emergency need-based grants that help patients in active treatment with their basic living expenses.

Unlike national charities, your local contributions benefit recipients in our local community.  We welcome your direct, honorary or memorial gifts throughout the year.

Thank you for your support.


To all who supported BCAG during MONTEREY COUNTY GiVES! 2017 Campaign. 

Your generosity will provide more than $32,000 of financial assistance to local breast cancer patients in 2018.

How to Donate

Online via Credit Card or PayPal or Print and Mail