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Thank you so much for the check you graciously sent me and my family. It's such a blessing to have had the chance to know the BCAG exists. Once again, you have my infinite appreciation.

Maria, Salinas

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Special Needs Grants

Grants are awarded to cover basic living expenses (food, rent, utilities, etc.) during treatment and recovery. In a few cases, specifically approved by BCAG, grants may be awarded to partially cover the costs of complementary therapies but BCAG does not pay medical bills. Please see our Resources page for information about government and other nonprofit assistance programs.

Please contact us for additional information or to learn if you qualify for this program.

Who receives grants?

Special Needs Grants are given to women or men who have a financial need associated with their breast cancer and are either:

How do you apply?

Complete the application form and mail to BCAG, P. O. Box 221582, Carmel, CA 93922. Please include all relevant information including letters from your physicians, medical records or billings. All information is considered carefully and confidentially by a committee of women who have experienced breast cancer themselves. After your application is reviewed, a BCAG representative may phone you for additional information.

What can you expect?

If your application is accepted you may receive a check, or money may be sent directly to your creditor’s billing office. The size of the grants depends on the BCAG funds available and the number of requests received.